Case Study: La Nouvelle Cave

The Sommelier Bot was integrated in a 3D environment as well as an e-commerce with all types of beverages.

Chatbot Innovation for the Casino Group to help visitors select the best bottles of wine, beer or spirit.

  • 3D & VR wine shop integration
  • Wine & food pairing
  • Live Chat
  • For Wines, Beers and Spirits
  • Shopify inventory synchronization

The innovation context for La Nouvelle Cave

From the first second and on every page of your website a playful digital sommelier helps users select the perfect bottle from your inventory in less than 30 seconds

  • Plugged to your database
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Fully responsive
  • Playful and fast
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Wine recommendation engine

Landing page example from a Swiss wine merchant

Sommelier Bot

Example of a wine selection in the pop-up integration

Features & Integration of the Sommelier Bot

Achieve higher click-through and conversion rates by appealing to customer curiosity and playfulness

  • Provide tailored recommendations for any occasion
  • Connect with new customers through emailing and advertising campaigns
  • Reduce cost per click by increasing client engagement with your ads
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Sommelier Bot results for La Nouvelle Cave

Tailored sommelier services within 30 seconds

  • Deliver instant offers on your entire inventory or push specific products
  • Enable hand-overs to team members by allowing users to live-chat
  • Offer personalized service to returning customers
  • Boost revenue by up-selling and cross-selling wines based on current customer needs
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Live Chat wine shop

Example of a live-chat conversation with a webshop team member

Join our global community of food & beverage innovators

”The is our digital buddy and extended arm of wine advisory services: an innovative solution that’s fun to use and helps our customers with their culinary challenges. It adds value and builds our image as an innovative ecommerce company and online-tasting pioneer!”

Markgräfler WeinthekeSven Vormann

"Customized for our shop, the is the next step towards a digitalized world of wine. It’s incredibly easy to discover the suitable wine in a personalized way with it.”

Weine & FeinkostJanus Fenske

“The is innovative, informative and fun! I hope for more awareness and familiarity for the Portuguese varietals with its help!”

OvinhoJoerg Rekate

“The is an informative and fun extra for my website and adds an active element to the browsing experience.”

blauWeinChristian Blau

”The is a great tool for offering our website visitors a playful entry to our wine selection. So far, the usage data for the on is promising. Thanks for the pleasant and professional working relationship!”

VioneersDirk Pohl

”For me the is an innovative and playful tool for finding a wine for every occasion. I already got great feedback from some of my customers!”

Weingenuss AachenTobias Berg

Launch in less than a month

1. Custom features development

Live Chat

3D shop JS integration

2. Synchronize the inventory

1500 products to tag by a our team of sommeliers

Ranking of the most important products for the algorithm

3. Customize branding and conversations

Add colors and La Nouvelle Cave branding

Add new user flows to display a Live Chat

Customize the gift flow to fit criteria

4. Install a one-line script and go live

Add the one-line script to the Shopify environment

Add the one-line script to the 3D environment.

That’s it.

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