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Developed by WSET® sommeliers

for all experience levels and preferences

  • Quick guidance based on occasions and taste profiles
  • Powerful logic to define and refine user preferences
  • Adaptive technology that keeps on learning
  • ChatGPT AI conversational bot for wine related contents
Sommelier Bot
A branded and customizable widget you can install anywhere on your website in 20 seconds.
A wine recommendation engine, with 4 conversation flows, based on color, styles, complexitiy, price range, region, varietals, etc.
A wine & food pairing algorithm, with 2000+ dishes available to recommend the perfect matches from your inventory, and learning every day.
A flow to help users select a gift for their loved ones, based on the person level and taste.
Live Chat capabilities with any team member and a simple interface to chat with several clients at once.
A weighted inventory to promote or push specific products of your own inventory, with ratings, from 0 to 10
A XML feed connector to synchronize your inventory daily with your website database, like Google Shopping.
ChatGPT AI bot for wine related contents is automatically made available when the Live Chat cannot be made active. 24/7 support for your website.

The (real) sommelier

Say hello to Lionel, the WSET® certified sommelier (Level 4) behind the bot

Born in Champagne, he studied in Reims and Bordeaux. Lionel started out as a wine merchant in London where he studied at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, graduating with the Diploma in Wines and Spirits, a highly coveted and demanding expert qualification.

AI based conversational Bot

Beyond all quick wine selection flow from  the sommelier bot, a ChatGPT AI conversational bot is made available within the Sommelier Bot interface to answer any wine related queries. It has been trained with a specific GPT3 model for relevant wine knowledge.

ChatGPT for wine digital sommelier

Machine learning

The sommelier bot’s expertise grows with each query, especially when introduced to a new dish. If the system doesn’t offer an instant choice he will research the particular food and come up with a perfect pairing within hours – with human intervention, if necessary. Please challenge the sommelier: not only with your all-time favorites but also with newly discovered dishes from around the world.

Content Management System

Easily tag your wine selection and launch the sommelier bot within a day

Extract your wine database (from your Google Shopping feed for instance) and tag the wines with or without our help. Upload your csv file and, voilà, the sommelier bot is ready to work with your inventory. Simply get your widget code and add your company’s name to it.

Digital wine recommendation bot
AI for wine ecommerce

Synchronized product inventory

Daily synchronization of your inventory with the Sommelier Bot with XML Feed

All your inventory products are automatically created, updated, deactivated, based on your XML Feed. See our documentation for the supported format. Simple integration, no maintenance required.

A very simple integration on your website


Integrate & map your wine database

You can add and edit your database from our platform or from a simple CSV extract

Get an example


Add the script to your website

No more than 2 lines of code that integrate in 2 minutes on any website




Launch a newsletter or an advertising campaign to engage your customers

See a demo


Here are some answers to questions you may have about sommelier bot

Is the bot available in other languages than English and German?

Yes, the bot can easily be adapted to other languages. Let us know the lingo of your choice. English, French and German are already available by default.

I have a special focus in my inventory. Can the sommelier bot work with that?

We can tweak the system according to individual client requests and specialties.

What are your cancellation policies?

You may cancel our service in any month for the following.

How many wines or products can you handle?

The system is optimized for inventories between 200 and 20.000 SKU.

Can you integrate other drink categories, such as spirits or craft beer?

Yes, we’re currently developing new system architectures beyond wine.

Do you provide white-label solutions for integration of client branding?

We’re happy provide custom integrations within our Jeroboam service.

I’m looking to integrate the sommelier bot on a number of partner sites. What’s your best offer?

As part of your monthly license we provide you with an integration code that can be used on any number of sites for free.

I want to resell your system or integrate it into my industry solution. How do I go about it?

We’re open to all inquiries and happy to help you serve your clients better. Let us know what you have in mind.