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    Perfect pairings for popular dishes

    Engage your audience in playful conversations about food and wine and help them pick the perfect bottle: The sommelier bot already recognizes more than 5.000 dishes and will recommend a wonderful pairing for your recipe!  

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    Personalized recommendations

    Ready to help around the clock and on all occasions, the sommelier bot not only comes up with suitable wines for your recipes but also with suggestions for gift giving and cellaring. No matter what kind of meal your readers want to serve, whom they want to give a present to, or how they want to stock their cellars, this digital sommelier will help everyone choose the perfect bottle.

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    Easy integration in 2 minutes

    Installing the sommelier bot on your blog or media portal will only take a few minutes. Once it’s set up you’re good to go and can start engaging your audience and generating more revenue right away!

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    Simply sign up and receive a code to integrate the sommelier for free on your website


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    Paste the code where you want your sommelier to appear and have one on your site within minutes


    More visitor value and monetization for free

    Keep your visitors engaged and earn commissions by providing personal recommendations for all drinking occasions on your site