1. Embedding code integration
  2. Placement in <div> container
  3. Pop-up code integration on all pages

To appear on your site, the needs the integration of a few lines of code (JavaScript).

The code should appear at the end of any web page, right before </body>

For WordPress users: Depending on your WordPress version, you can either include the JavaScript via the editor, by switching from “visual” to “text” mode, and then inserting the code at the end of the current content. Or, with the new editor, you first add a new “HTML” field, in which you place the JavaScript code.

<div id=”sommelier-bot”></div>
<script lang=”en” client=”belvini” src=””></script>

If you want to have the in a given container (which should have a unique ID) on your page or article, follow these steps

1. Place the div container at the desired place in your document where the should appear

<div id=”sommelier-bot”></div>

Hint for WordPress users: Remember that you have to add the code just like the JavaScript, as html or via “text” mode, as mentioned above.

2. Place the following script at the end of the document, immediately before </body>

<script lang=”en” client=”belvini” src=””></script>

sommelier bot app

Optional: You can set a lang key in the config with values “de” or “en”. If there is no lang key in the config, the automatically tries to recognize the locale of the user by looking at the preferred browser settings. It will always default to en.

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If you want to have the as a pop-up button at the bottom (left or right) of the user screen, on all pages of your website, follow these steps

1. Place the div container and the script in your website footer.

<div id=”sommelier-bot”></div>

<script lang=”en” client=”” popup=”1″ src=””></script>

Optional: You can select if you want the popup button to be on the left or right bottom corner, by adding it as a parameter in the js script.

<script lang=”en” client=”” popup=”1″ popup-position=”left” src=””></script>


By default (or without any mention in the script), the bot button will always be displayed on the bottom right corner.

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