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Sell more wine online

by engaging customers personally
and guiding them to the perfect bottle

    A digital sommelier for every occasion

    recommending your wine selection

    • 5.000+ dishes
    • New dishes added every day
    • Personal recommendations based on customer preferences and sales objectives
    • Machine learning
    • Instant guidance without lengthy profiling
    • Real-life dialogue based on customer taste and price preferences
    • Dynamic configuration based on available inventory¬†
    • Integration of sparkling and fortified wines
    • Based on gift giver’s and receiver’s preferences
    • Allows for both traditional and unconventional choices
    • Integrates expertise of recipient
    • Based on aging potential of individual wines
    • Integrates intended cellaring periods
    • Builds confidence and reassurance during buying process

    Serving retailers and their customers with automated personal recommendations for all occasions, the sommelier bot matches visitor profiles and over 5.000 popular dishes for your sales success.

    Johannes Nielsen, Founder

    Engage Your Customers

    Bring the digital sommelier to your point of sale and help customers pick the perfect bottle

    • Plugged to your database
    • Easy to use and integrate
    • Fully responsive
    • Playful and fast
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    Boost customer acquisition

    Achieve higher click-through and conversion rates by appealing to customer curiosity and playfulness

    • Connect with new customers through emailing and advertising campaigns
    • Reduce cost per click by increasing client engagement with your ads
    • Build bigger audiences for retargeting
    • Offer personalized service to returning customers
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    Sommelier Bot

    Accelerate your revenue

    Cross selling and up-selling made easy

    • Deliver instant offers to customers on your entire wine selection, not just on promotions
    • Boost revenue by up-selling and cross-selling different wines based on customer needs in real time
    • Convert more website visitors with personalized recommendations
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    Let the sell for you

    Online Retailers

    Easy integration with  your product database and website

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    On-Site Retailers

    Integrate inventory and bot on touchscreens at the point of sale

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    Install the bot for free in 2 minutes on your site offering indvidualized recommendations and tap into new revenue streams

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